Pia Bohlin has travelled around the world for many years. She lived in Asia., in Malaysia, India, Thailand, Bali where she came in contact with the silverhandicrafts and the artist there. She started cooperate with them 30 years ago.  She is a restless soul that has made her intrested in many things. She has studied Buddism and spirituality for more than 30 years. She stayed in an Ashram in India as the only european girl. In the Ashram she started to learn Yoga and since that time she has practised Yoga and meditation for many teachers around the world. She loves art and jewelries, especially silverjewelries.  Pia also has a deep knowledge about health and vgetarian food. She is a vegetarian since 20 years and she loves to be out in the nature . Pia wants to spread the deeper meaning of existens and she has found out and do beleive that LOVE is the key to have a better life for yourself and others. You have to start by coming in contact with yourself and feel some love for yourself and then it will spread towards others and the earth and animals, all living being. Pia Bohlin has Designed a unique collection of silverjewelries as the LOVEKNOT collection and the YOGA colllektion.  Jewelries that you can wear as an INSPIRATION for yourself and others. She donates 10 crones for each sold jewelry to Tibetan children, an orphane home in Nothern India or some other god things like amnesty nternational.

Pia also works as a yogateacher.

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