Who has codependancy?

I had it most of my life. Hopefully I am treated, more whole not so codependant any more.

It was so clear to me last weekend when I visited my hometown.  Most of my relations still lives there, my sister, brothers, divorced mum and dad and so many others.  Any way they are still very close all of them.

It is nothing wrong with my hometown, not at all. Gävle has around 100000 inhabitants. Pretty nice size.   I miss my Grandma still very much. She  was a beautiful person  . She gave me a lot of love, thanks God.

Yes, codependacy, where to start?

Is it when you drink alcohol because in your family they like to drink , to get drunk?

When you get a partner who is not treating you very well, because you where  not treated so well when you grew up?

Some people never realize that they are codependent. The gets drunk or uses drugs, have a parner that dont treat them well.


Hopefully I have done my part with alcohol and drugs and partners using me and abusing me. I have banged my head against the wall so many times. Once I was a wet spot on the floor but I have risen again and again. I also went to theraphy for a few years. So, I have done my part. Finished. End of story, I hope.

Nowadays, I try to eat healthy. I have been a vegetarian 20 years and I stopped eating red meat  before that. To be a vegetarian is to be a best friend of yourself, the best friend of Mother Earth and the best animalfriend.

I do my yogapractise, I meditate every day for myself and for all living beings. It is so nice to be clear in the head, to do things with choice. To do it concioussly.

I love that.



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