Strawberyfeild for ever

My alotment where full of sweet strawberries

potatoes, mangold, carrots,, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumber,

beatiful flowers.

This is only the second year for the alotment,

nature is absolutely magic.

The alotment was not used in years so the grassroot where 20 cm deep into the earth

mud was soo hard to work on

I did not do the hardest work myself ,

I have discproblems  but after 2 years

everything groves, even the first year was


you plant a seed and you get something wonderful back,

something wich is so full of life.

Strawberry feild for ever – real magic

Life is full of ups and downs

life is ever changing

life is wunderful and painful

life hurts you makes you crie

life loves you pushes you in the right direction

life gives you children

children makes you laugh, cry, worry, angry

children are the very best teachers, eversommaren 2014 008

life surounds you

life makes you creat beautiful things

I love beautiful things


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